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Best Wishes for 2022



2021 is going away, and a year full of promises is coming up!

Against the backdrop of a lingering health crisis, this year has been paradoxically successful for BARNES and its Lille branch. On a national scale, the company has reached the milestone of 1,000 employees and 100 offices by 2021. The Lille office has seen a 50% increase in transactions and a 70% increase in rentals.
A positive economic context and stable rates made 2021 a special year. Demand for quality properties was sustained, especially those with outdoor areas, outside of Lille but within ten minutes of the main train stations. These opportunities are characteristic of the metropolis and are attracting more and more prospects, mainly from the Paris region, but also from all over France and abroad.
In addition, the strength of our network with its coverage of the entire country, this trend underlines the trust established with our clients, who very often choose to continue their life path with us after a successful first experience. These values correspond to the DNA of BARNES: tailor-made support, detailed analysis, respect for the client and his or her private life, and process monitoring.
In the Lille metropolitan area, this approach has been successful . It is clear that 5 years after we opened our Lille Office, we have become the leaders in this market and doubled our working area in 2021 in a period that is not very obvious. However, it is in difficult times that entrepreneurs always have to invest. A philosophy that works well for us.
And now, 2022 is opening its doors to us, and it's up to us to settle in. We will have to deal with a market that experts predict will remain active in terms of prices and a rising real estate credit rate. In addition to the recruitment of a head of the rental department (hyperlink to interview), we are planning to welcome a new Consultant in February to support our clients and our growth.
In the meantime, I wish you all the best for this new year and hope we'll be able to realize all your projects!
Bruno Gras

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