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Lille's Culture

Lille's Culture

Since 2004, Lille has become a cultural destination.

The artistic and cultural season is very busy in the area and the offer of attractions and museums is important. The Louvre Lens is an hour from Lille, the Tri Postal is central, La Piscine in Roubaix, the LAM in Villeneuve d'Ascq, most recently the restoration of the Villa Cavrois, masterpiece of Art Deco Mallet Stevens: all of these museaums are nearbyYou will enjoy special exhibitions of great artists: Modigliani, Chagall, or the great contemporary Murakami or Jeff Koons (at Tri Postal).

It shows the interest in local culture. Music and theater are also honored with a constant program of performances or concerts at the Zenith or a place more filled with history, the Opéra de Lille or théâtre Sébastopol.Do not forget that the city of Lille is the preferred destination for students from France.