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Luxury Real Estate in Vauban

Vauban Esquermes is an upscale area west of Lille. The Vauban-Esquermes neighborhood has many assets: an exceptional heritage, including the 'Queen of the citadels' masterpiece of Vauban built during the seventeenth century, and a student center welcoming over 15000 students with its particular faculties the famous 'Catho' (law, medicine, business schools…). Of all Lille neighborhoods, Vauban-Esquermes is the youngest, the 'student one”, that grew the most in the last thirty years. The proximity of the Bois de Boulogne, the Vauban garden, the lovely 'Quai du Wault' also contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood. With 50 hectares of nature, the Vauban-Esquermes neighborhood embodies the 'green lung' of Lille, next to all the amenities of the city center and attracts young couples and families wanting space. The area offers many master houses on main avenues with open views. You can find more 'cozy homes”, a bit quieter in small streets. This is an upscale neighborhood where the demand for quality properties is important.


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