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Luxury real estate in Wazemmes

Wazemmes is a colorful popular area formerly inhabited by the workers. It's a pretty big change to see these fronts wooden shops of the past century so perfectly preserved. All of this very close to the center of Lille! Wazemmes has a lot of unusual places: the place of the Wazemmes market is a central place of the neighborhood. Every Tuesday, Thursday and especially on Sundays, the Wazemmes market, on the place of Nouvelle Aventure, brings together a large number of shops. It is a place of intense life, allowing residents, but also the rest of Lille, to come and buy fresh products (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish ...) and small goods necessary for everyday life. The housing stock in Wazemmes is marked by its history. Although there are delightful houses with facades decorated with art deco style, the majority of houses in Wazemmes is type 1930, built in the early twentieth century and some original surfaces are transformed into LOFTS. Once one of the largest Lille independent municipality (until early mid-nineteenth century), and an industrial suburb, Wazemmes now offers the face of a lively and multicultural area. The area is characterized by its social diversity and its associative activity and commercial dynamism.



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